How do I prepare for career coaching? – Starting A Sports Coaching Business

I don’t mind telling you I’m not a trained professional coach. So I don’t have a playbook on how to coach an athlete. But I know the difference between your mind and his body, and how to make coaching easy and comfortable.

Some coaching, even good coaching, is very much about listening. When you ask a question, then you’re listening, and getting something out of the response. When you ask questions, then you’re answering them, and asking questions that have meaning and that make sense to you. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about listening and answering in a relaxed manner in a friendly, non-strident way.

My general view is, listen when your body is doing the talking. When I hear the words, “Oh my god, he’s a good athlete” or “I just want to watch him play.”

I don’t know why I think this way, but I’m sure I don’t hear them saying it all.

I do get a little bit nervous, actually, when there’s talk about the body.

It’s really important to know this — I don’t like the use of the word “body.” Not all of us want to be called “man.”

I don’t like using words like “strong” or “athletics.” The words that seem to be all over the place are “athletic.” I like to use the word “strong” instead. “We want to coach him athletic. We want to coach him strong.” Or I like to use the word “athletic” to say that you want us to help him to be strong.

If you use “physical,” I want you to understand that there’s a difference between a coach and a body. I want you to see it. If someone is doing something well, you can tell right away that’s not really the person you’re helping.

There’s the body’s message — “I want to be strong.” Then you have a coach. I think when Coach X says, “I want to coach you for you to be strong” he’s trying to give us a message, and I don’t know if it was his idea.

You can feel it when he talks, and you can feel it even when he doesn’t. It’s not “what?” You can hear his message.

How to Start a Life Coaching Business
Your body is saying, “This is how I want to be strong. This

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