How do I prepare for career coaching? – Life Coaching Practice Business Plan

How do you develop your own coaching skills?

I believe coaching is not a skill set that can be taught — it’s much more about who you are and what you stand for, and the people around you that can relate to you. I believe that people like you have the power to make a difference in the lives of others if you surround yourself with people who share your values.

Do you believe in self-promotion on social media? Do you promote my business via twitter and facebook?

I have not tried to take advantage of any forms of social media promotion or marketing. But I do consider Twitter the most effective, because as a business owner you need people to talk to. I try to encourage my followers to engage with me on twitter because they will gain insights from my own experiences and observations that will help guide them in how to best deal with my services.

How do you deal with customers not getting what they are paying for? Do you allow for returns or refunds if something is not as advertised?

You know it’s common sense to ask other customers how that product or service performed for you when you do business. In business transactions, when you receive a customer service complaint you can report it to your bank, and that is where they will investigate the issue. Customers don’t want to lose money when something doesn’t work out — they want to know that they are making a solid investment in your business.

How would you deal with a customer who has an issue with a product/service you’ve sold?

I wouldn’t waste our time and customers’ time by handling such a client because I have a very clear and simple policy about return policy: If a customer refuses an offer or service and does not want to continue our relationship it is my policy to return the customer’s purchase for that purchase, refund the customer’s money, or take their business elsewhere. Any customer who is a repeat customer will be charged a deposit to cover the time it takes for my company to replace a product or service.

Are there any mistakes I should avoid when coaching?

I know that this is a tough sell. Here is a great article at The New York Times on why coaches and recruiters must listen to someone. It explains that recruiters must listen to a coach for two reasons. First, recruiting professionals — especially coaches — see success, and then they see that growth. Success or not, success in business and sports results from a combination of hard work, strategy, commitment

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