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All you need to do is complete our FREE ICF Certification Certificate Practice and a short 2 year ICF coaching course with Dr. Mark Linscott, and you can start teaching ICF to the public. The full course covers all the basic elements of teaching ICF, and also the advanced elements of teaching for advanced exercisers.

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Does ICF have a professional rating system? What does the rating mean?

No. The ICF rating system is an independent set of guidelines set by the International Olympic Committee that govern the safety and professionalism of ICON and the sport of ICON. Please refer to the official ICON website for more information.

Please see these websites for further resources: or

(If you already use any of the linked sites, you may be aware that Icekicks is now a part of the UK Athletics Foundation website!

To learn more about the ICON organization, click here.)

What’s ICF about?

ICF stands for International Conference on Functional Movement, and it’s a great place to get your thoughts flowing and hone your coaching skills. ICF combines the best teaching methods of functional strength and functional movement, applied through a range of programs that include the most popular and widely referenced functional strength exercises, as well, popular functional movements of all types like the kettlebell swing, Olympic lifts or even hip thrusts. This provides you with a wealth of practical knowledge on how to apply your knowledge to your athletes’ training and training programs.

Why would I want to become an ICF coach?

You’ll be in fantastic company when you make ICF your place to learn, teach, and learn some more. The ICF program takes you from novice to accomplished when you complete all of the courses and certificates to become an ICF Certified Coach. So what are you waiting for? Get up to speed and start teaching ICON!

Read more about ICF here.

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