How can I start coaching from home? – Life Coaching Challenges

There are loads of services available across the country including home coaching, home school coaching or a coach who is a coach from an overseas country.

To become a coach from home you need to show that you’re ready and willing to take on the task. You can sign up by registering at on the day you are willing and willing to come and take up a personal coaching role.

How can I register for a home coaching session?

You can register for a coaching session between the hours of 8.00AM and 5.00PM by logging on to In your profile, click ‘Add Sessions’ and fill in the details on the page. Then click on ‘Registration’ and a screen will pop up that will allow you to complete the information, enter the required details and select who the coaching session will be for. In some cases, there may be other roles you’ll need to cover when you arrive.

How would I be able to be a coach?

All coaching sessions are scheduled on private times unless otherwise noted in the booking agreement. Most coaching will be completed during the morning or evening so we expect our volunteers to be ready in the morning to take one person on a coaching session.

What can I expect at my home coaching session?

The first thing you will need to do is read the coaching contract you have signed with us. This contract is designed to be a guideline in order to decide who becomes a coach and what the role’s expected work profile will be.

As a coach you will start with a brief overview of the team you will be providing coaching to and your coaching role.

You will be given a list of questions you must answer, such as, Will I have enough time to complete my tasks? How many players will I be helping? Who do they need to be with me personally? What information do I need, for example, on their bank account or if they have a credit card? Please don’t hesitate to leave any questions on your answersheet if you don’t know the answers yourself.

If you are selected for coaching you will have plenty of time to get to know the players before you start coaching them.

If you need to get someone to coach and they do not want to, simply let us know and we will let you know that. We are not a substitute for people in the club.

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