How can I become a life coach online for free? – Coaching Business Plan

Well, to become a lifetime certified life coach, you must apply for the Life Coach Certification from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention or the National Association of Suicide Prevention. You can become a lifetime certified life coach by submitting your resume and paying a small $99 fee to receive a certified life coach license. The only requirements to become a lifetime certified life coach online are that you read this page and agree with the advice in the free Online Life Coach Certification video course (which can be played or accessed through your YouTube account) and follow the online coaching requirements. There is no cost to you, but I feel it will be a better use of your time if you use this course to learn what it takes to become a lifetime certified life coach online and I’m confident you will love it as much as I have.

What can I expect from this life coaching course?
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In my life coaching courses, I talk about the most important life coaching principles, how they apply to helping you, and what people need to do to become life coaches as well. I also talk about the life coaching basics and you can get a step by step breakdown of what you need to do to be a life coach online in my Personal Essentials of Life in Life Coach Course Video (also available on YouTube). At the end of every video I give a quick “how to” answer at the bottom of the screen so you can follow along at home as you listen to me guide you through the day.

I also include a lot of personal anecdotes from my own personal life which I’ve learned how to use personally and apply in my coaching. Life coaching isn’t only about making people happy, it is also about helping those around you get their best. These personal anecdotes can help you become a valuable life coach to people who will help others. You’ll find that those people around you will feel better about themselves and they will see that someone cares for them just as you do. The more lives you can help, the more you’ll be able to do in life and the more meaningful life coaching will become.

Are there free course recordings available?

Yes, life coaching courses can be purchased through Udemy so you can take your time and learn as you want. One thing you should remember though is that the course takes time and it should be viewed as a “course” but you should also understand that Udemy is only offering the “Course” version so if you’re looking for the full version of the course online you have to choose this one

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