Can you be an online life coach? – How To Start A Life Coaching Business

Is there a book for you to read by using what you’re doing in real life?

I like to think of myself as a coach on my own terms. It’s easier to be a coach on your own terms when you’re in a situation where you’re actually in control of your own life. If you’re in a situation where you have no idea what’s going to happen next. Where you just feel like you’ve got to do this, do that. That’s when the real hard work starts.

In terms of my own life and where I’m going to take the world, you’re gonna have to find your own thing. It’s the difference between an athlete and a musician. That’s what it’s all about – finding your own thing. Find what your passion is.

In terms of life, how much does your role as a coach influence your relationships in the community? Are you able to influence your fellow athletes?

In terms of the community, I think that it might influence their relationships with other athletes. When I’m around them, they’re kind of going through my head a little bit more than they would be if we weren’t. The relationships with their families. They’re a little more willing to take risks, like I am with them.

When they see somebody that’s willing to put their body on the line for them, that sort of thing, they respect it as much as you would if you were doing it for them. It’s good for them and for you.

On the social part of it, I believe I can influence a large chunk of people. I’m just kind of there as a sounding board. That’s kind of what I do. I try to influence the athletes out there when I can.

It’s not like I can make everyone into a professional basketball player. It’s not that easy. That’s the biggest thing you’ve got to understand as an athlete is that you’re either going to succeed the rest of your life or you’re not. That’s the difference between being the greatest or being the greatest in the world to have the opportunity to do what you want to do. Whether it be in football, basketball or whatever.

Does that make you feel like a role model?

To me, I’m not too proud of myself. I’m just trying to do the best I can, the best that I know how. As long as I don’t piss anybody off, that’s okay with me.

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