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I’ve been doing a really long conversation where you’re talking to somebody — who is not an online coach — about it, whether it’s about personal growth or your business, anything. I’m thinking they’re going to bring up something new and interesting, and I’ll show you how to do something that they’d never think could be done.

I’m a huge fan of Dan Gardner, who does some things like email courses, who was kind enough to put up some of his courses that he teaches. He had a great post about his online coaching for a while, and today he launched this new thing called MyLifeLifeCoach, and you can check out some of his videos.

I think the thing about it is people say, “How did you do that?” and I tell them: “I didn’t do it that way. I was just like a guest on Dan’s show. I was on a show and I had something to write in response to him. So it actually wasn’t a very long course.”

But I don’t have time for a lot of classes. Sometimes I’d get a call and say, “I’d like to learn more about this or this about this. Can I do that?” And I would start going through this online course where they teach a lot of different stuff, and then I’d take the information into my own life.

So I’m not a big online person. I can’t really be an online life coach, but that being said, they’re really good! You know, one of the things I like to do is, I’ll do an interview, and then my life coach will come into the studio. I’ll see them in their own studio. I’ll say, “Well, I think you should do this.” They’ll just be totally immersed in whatever I say.
Dealing with fear of failure in my first month of business — Elin Lööw

How has the Internet affected your personal life?

We live in such extreme times in our society, because of social media. I know you see all these posts on Facebook and Twitter. But you see something going on that I don’t think we really understand at all, that when I go to a restaurant, it’s the kind of interaction that you see on these channels.

The difference is, when I go on the regular [Internet] and I’m at home, I always have somebody behind the wheel, so if I wanted to go and meet someone, I could go in my car and go and meet somebody and we’re driving down in

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