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No. I am a teacher, but not a teacher teacher.

My real education is in my book, and with it, I am always looking back. If I learn anything from this interview, I will know that I have lived my life in learning, not in making judgments. My education is in learning how to make great movies. I live in a great school, just as I believe every one of us has a great school.

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A group of Canadian researchers has found the earliest evidence of a type of bacteria related to today’s superbugs.

A team led by researchers with the Centre for Infectious Diseases at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, have uncovered the genome of E. coli, the first known bacteria to encode a gene for DNA repair. With today’s superbugs, the researchers say the bacteria probably evolved to fight off deadly pathogens that can turn into bacteria the first time they touch their victims.

Researchers began by isolating a strain of E. coli that had shown immunity to the bacterium Escherichia coli, or ESBL — an example being the 2009 outbreak of multidrug-resistant E. coli in the United States

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