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I’m looking for someone to train and teach me how to be a better version of myself to all of you guys, I know I have a lot.

What would you recommend we do? It’s always hard to define success in life. What are good things that have happened to you that you felt proud of or was that something that really stood out to you?

It’s something that has grown with me, and this life has come to be that way. My mom has always been there for me and has helped me through every difficult thing, I would say. My dad has been there for us since I woke up every morning. It would depend on the person, I have some people whose family has always been there for me and not the other way around (my grandparents).

Tell us about your day off. What have you done?

Yesterday I have done a lot of reading, it helped a lot. I’ve read books about depression and it has helped me a lot being able to understand it and see that it doesn’t have to be like it used to be.

What do you know about depression? How much do you know?

I know what I do about it and if I had to guess I would go with about 7%. I’ve worked through it, it’s something that I have a lot of patience with.

Where are you at right now? How do you feel at this moment with all your successes?

I’m just happy to be doing what I enjoy and do what I like. I’m at a place where I think that I can still make it if I apply myself to everything I do.

We are all on one plane now. We’ve had our differences along the way, I’m looking forward to our future. You can always find me if there are any questions.

Any final shout-outs?
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Don’t get me wrong I would still like to see you guys winning, I’m just excited that this is where the journey is heading to where I’m glad we are finally in the right place.

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Cameron Brannan is a 22-year-old graduate student living in the U.K. He’s studying politics and sociology in London, but he’s also making art. He made the sculpture “The Lost Letter”, which is an illustration of the letter “O” on a black background, with a circle of

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