Can a life coach help with anxiety? – Free Sample Life Coaching Business Plan


Why does it not work ?

It’s not a placebo effect. There can be a physical effect of stress but it can also be psychological.

What are the triggers and why do I experience anxiety?

The trigger is probably something you’ve experienced or something related to your environment.

The Anxiety is not caused by the environment. You aren’t thinking about the anxiety.

Why doesn’t this work ?

There are a number of reasons why this doesn’t work :

Why is it hard to get out of bed ?

You may have an anxiety disorder because you have trouble falling or staying asleep.

How do I sleep to relieve my anxiety ?

This is not a cure. Just getting someone to give you some sort of treatment is not going to resolve the problem. It’s like trying to cure a headache by taking aspirin. If you take aspirin to relieve your headache, only 10% of the headache will go away.

How long does it take ?

It depends on the source and how the stress is affecting you. There are a number of factors involved and there isn’t a one-trick solution.

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If you get a cold, what type of medicine does your doctor prescribe to treat it ?

They give you an aspirin. Do a simple calculation and you will find that you have twice as many aspirin as you actually need to cure a cold.

In the evening, how much alcohol (or caffeine) do other people around you drink ?

Everyone drinks alcohol. How much you drink or what you drink depends on your environment and the type of person. Alcohol can increase the risk of anxiety.

What causes anxiety ?

It depends on how much stress is coming from the people around you. You think of your friends as your friends. What they are doing when they are not around you is influencing your anxiety. They don’t really know what they are doing and it affects you too.

You think that everything is going wrong but everything is going to be OK. Things haven’t been good for quite a while and are starting to happen again. You are not used to having a job in a job that does not require you to have a job because you have trouble with anxiety.

How can I get rid of anxiety ?

You can be a better person by changing your environment. Change the people you are connected with and change the type of work you are doing.

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