Which camera can shoot 4k 120fps? – How To Hold A Camera Steady Without A Tripod

Sony A7R II 1,200M

Nikon D800E 1,800M or D810 1,800M

Samsung A9 1,500M or A9-4 1,500M

Canon 5d Mark III 1,200M or 5D Mark III PRO 1,200M

Canon 5DS R 1,250M

Canon 6D 1,500M

Canon EOS 600D 1,700M

Canon 12D 1,700M

Canon 35mm T1,50 2,000M

Canon 7D 2,300M

Canon 7d Mark II 1,500M

Canon 7D Mark III 2,900M

Canon 7D Mark IV 2,800M

Canon 10D 2,300M

Canon 12D II 3,200M

Canon 20D 3,200M

Canon 20D Mark II 3,700M/4,800M/5,200M

Canon 20D Mark III 4,900M/5,600M/6,000M

Canon 30D 3,300M/4,600M

Canon 35mm T1.5 4,450M/5,600M/6,240M

Canon 30d F2,800 (1.1x crop) (D70, D700) 4,800M

Canon 15-85mm F2,8 (2x crop) (D70, D700) 5,000M
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Canon 300D 3,840M

Canon 6D 2,400M

Canon 60D 2,200M

Canon 7D Mark II 3,200M

Canon 7D Mark III 3,700M

Canon 8D 3.2 MP (crop) 4,100M

Canon 10D 3.2 MP or 4,0MP (1x crop) (D700) 3,300M

Canon 7D Mark II 3,700M (crop)

Canon 50D 1.8mp or 2.2mp/3,050M/3,300M

Canon 10D Mark II 2,300M

Canon 50D 2.6mp/3,000M


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