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On-demand video production services like Vimeo and YouTube now allow creators to upload all of their content in HD quality for instant viewing, rather than having to upload at a slightly slower speed in formats like 4K. (See How to upload your footage to YouTube videos to see the difference.)

What do YouTube and Vimeo look like on your computer screen?

Both YouTube and Vimeo are great sites to begin a YouTube video. You can use the YouTube video player to edit your YouTube videos into your YouTube videos, upload them to YouTube for free or use your Vimeo account for more video uploads.

Here’s the best version of my recent YouTube video:

Why should I use Vimeo?

Vimeo is one of the most popular video-hosting sites and is easy to use for people with YouTube accounts. You can upload your existing YouTube videos to both Vimeo and YouTube.

It also offers a lot more options — so it’s definitely a good choice for those who are new to uploading videos.

Why does YouTube have to pay Vimeo for each uploaded video?

YouTube has to pay Vimeo for each uploaded video. It doesn’t pay the creator of the video, only the site. This means the creator of a video has to upload their own money to get their video monetized.

How do I make money from YouTube?

YouTube monetizes its videos using the AdSense algorithm. YouTube uses this algorithm to determine the total value of the viewable, monetizable amount of a video. For example, if my video is 1,000 views, it will be monetized if YouTube calculates I have made $900 with my 1,000 views.

For most video creators, YouTube monetizes content they do 100 percent through advertising. But YouTube and Vimeo let you make money by working with sponsors.

What are Sponsorships?

Sponsorships are a pretty common thing to do on YouTube and allow fans of a video to buy stuff with their favourite videos. You can sponsor your own videos or even start your own YouTube channel to get paid for your videos’ views. Sponsorship is a great way for video creators to grow their online fame.

For example, you might want to sponsor my new YouTube video on how to install Google Play Store on an iOS phone. My video might be around 150 views and I would be paid for my YouTube views and views from my paid subscriptions.

What are some YouTube

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