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The Youtuber who runs in most of your favourite shows is known for using a wide variety of different lights and cameras. From one angle to another it should be obvious what they are used for.

For a comprehensive list of lighting equipment and the types it is intended for you can click here.

What is a lens?

A lens is a small camera that has a filter so it can be used for wide angle photography. It has more than one set of filters and the camera itself can be used with these lenses.

There are several different types of lenses that you can use and they are explained in a recent article here.

What is the difference between Lenses and Cameras?

Most manufacturers state that they have all their products labelled for one category, lenses to camera, and they are right. There are different types of lens, which is what gets sold in the store. Some are aimed at wide angle photography while others are to camera and some other stuff is of course for both.

Can I use my lens with my camera?

Yes you can!

Do you need lenses?

Most companies state that you don’t need high speed lenses at all and that you can use them with your camera.

Does it need to be a manual lens?

No it doesn’t. Many of the best lens companies have a built in lens with an auto focusing ring if you press a button. The lens is aimed at wide angle photography.

How do you switch lenses?

You need to press the lens lever on the camera and move that lever the same direction as you press the lens lever on your lens.

It is a quick and easier process than having to get used to this every time you do a shot. But once you’re used to it you can keep repeating it for a while and get used to it.

Do lens filters work with my digital camera?

Yes they do.

Is a lens lens correctable?

The lens should be correctable as you would expect from the manufacturer. This is what they usually state.

There are some lenses that can’t be adjusted so you need to use a lens stabiliser of some kind to get the desired image.

In a lot of cases it requires a custom lens to be fitted to the camera.

The difference between lens and camcorder?

A lens is a camera that is aimed at wide angle photography.

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