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In your opinion, who is the saddest?
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Haha… I don’t know if anyone has ever thought to ask a group of kids from the internet for the sadest music video of all time, so please do it… If yes, you won’t enjoy it very much because it won’t be a good soundtrack for a good soundtrack, and you will never even consider it.

I just think he deserved an Oscar nomination for “Gossip Girl” for being on the first season of “Glee” and for being in “Lost in La Jolla” on “Good Times”… He also deserves an Oscar nomination for “Cabaret.”

I also think it’s sad that in this country, there are a lot of teenagers who watch movies and dance around playing music and making their friends feel bad for a while, like they’re really the bad guys, it sucks, and they should be punished for it…

And I think that is just one guy. There are probably a ton of people that could make the list.

Also, this whole “music video” thing can be a double edged sword. If you watch the “The Hunger Force” soundtrack for “The Muppets,” it is really sad, because people don’t get the movie because it is sad. If they watch it because there is some sort of musical performance (and they are usually either very poorly-composed or only hear a small fraction of it…like how one person in “Lost in La Jolla” only heard half of it) they are so confused, they don’t know what to do.

When it comes to video game music, the “Soulcalibur” soundtrack is really sad, because it is about a guy who was murdered by his best friend to save his girlfriend, so it doesn’t add anything to the story, or even make sense to people who don’t know the series, and it really hurts that everyone remembers it to such an extent because of that. Also “Tomb Raider” had an awesome soundtrack that was so sad and depressing that the original Tomb Raider games were basically unplayable without those two songs in their games. If they didn’t come out on time, I don’t think they could sell any copies.

“The Secret of Kells” is sort of a weird film, because I never thought about why people went to the movies to dance around all day, but the music was very sad and depressing to me and it was sort of a metaphor for

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