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What is the worst piece of pop music? Which was the biggest surprise at the Cannes Film Festival last week? You will be able find out in this month’s The Daily Dot’s list of the Top 10 Most Stupefyingly Dumbest Music Videos. The first of the year, our picks may seem like a stretch—this is a countdown of the worst music videos on the whole wide web.

10. “The Mummy” (2009 movie):

We’ve had enough of the mummies; now we have to take a stand against “The Mummy’s” disgusting, mumbled singing. I mean, it’s not like this one is any great improvement. It also makes me want to kill myself, so just shut up already.

9. “The Simpsons’ “The Treehouse of Horror XXIV” (2006 movie):

This one just doesn’t fit. I mean, the Simpsons movies have never been terrible, but this one, like its namesake, isn’t exactly what one expects from the family. It does have a catchy tune, though. Like, like the song “The Simpsons Theme” by Lady Gaga.

8. “Kung Fu Panda 2” (2011 movie):

Let’s be honest, the first time we saw “Kung Fu Panda 2” in theaters, we just kind of wanted to die. This sequel still feels like an amalgamation of the worst things it could have been—we hate that it features a couple talking monkeys and then a giant ape (it also stars an ape and a monkey), and it’s just the worst Panda movie of all time. It is like seeing the worst scene from The Simpsons. If this were a real movie, my death by choking would be justified by all the screaming. However, this is just a terrible movie in general.

7. “Sharknado” (2004 movie):
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For a movie to survive an entire season of shrimping, you had to be pretty damn good to pull it off. And yet this shark movie couldn’t get any worse, even worse than the shark who was killed by a “Star Wars” stormtrooper at the end of the original. The only reason this could be worse is that we hate sharks—and we’re supposed to enjoy this movie—but let’s not beat around the bush. This shark movie is a disaster of epic proportions. At worst? This movie was the opening of the worst movie of the year. Worst of all?

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