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Hugely popular music video for the song “Dangerous Woman,” released in 2004 when she was 16, sold more than $3.5 million dollars.

Who plays the song’s chorus?

Cake in a box singer.

How much music is played on the video?

A combined total of 7 million seconds; some 6 million minutes of music are played.

Who sings the chorus?

Cake in a box singer

How many words are in the chorus?

Only five – four of which are variations on “I know the way.”

What is the music playing?

There is a song that plays in the background. At times it is played at a fast pace but rarely used.

Who is singing the main lyrics?

An acoustic guitar, played in the song’s verse. There are no lyrics played during the song’s chorus.

What is the cover?

The song’s title card depicts a red cake on a red background with white roses on the front and white cream roses on the back.

What is the musical background?

A marching band and a solo guitar.

Who plays the music in the music video?

A boy named Ben (Benjamin) is the lead singer

Who plays other characters?

There are five characters which appear in the music and video; each character has their own role and sings or appears in the song.

Ben stands behind a red cake

Ben plays “the song” to a black man

Ben gives a black child (who is actually a white child) a rose

Ben plays to a crowd which includes a few black dancers, all dressed to look like the children. However, all of the dancers belong to a different street gang.

Ben plays to a crowd which includes a few white men

Ben plays to a crowd which includes a few black women

What’s important about the song, “Dangerous Woman”‘s title and the title card?

“Dangerous Woman” is about a woman who is a prostitute but has a problem with it; she is forced to take part in a risky and dangerous profession

The song was performed in New York City and featured numerous actors, as well as singers with some serious musical skills.

What is the significance of the song’s title?

It stands for “I am dangerous and can’t be trusted”

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