What is the longest YouTube video ever made? – What Makes A Good Videographer

If you believe that this is a real question, you’re wrong. You have to play the video on repeat in order to get the answer. You can do that in the comments section, but here’s a screenshot of how to do everything above with the YouTube player.
The length of the longest video in history (at time of writing) is 27 minutes and 9 seconds. As you can see from the table below, the time of the longest video is more than twice its length at the time of recording (27 minutes vs. 9 seconds). It’s also more than 2.5 times shorter than the longest video recorded before its creation (1 minute and 6 seconds vs. 1:49) and almost a full second faster than the longest video recorded after the invention of YouTube (4 minutes vs. 2:44). The time of a video recorded after Youtube’s debut dates back almost three full years, and is now 2:45.
There are more unusual and bizarre facts related to YouTube and how people consume videos. Check out the article for more.

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