What is the job outlook for a video editor? – Using Iphone For Youtube Videos

I don’t think I’ll be able to live forever. I think the video editing career is more about living another few years. So I can see that it makes sense for me to try making some video, then see if I can see some other use for it.

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How did you become a video editor? I went to college to take a liberal arts degree. Then a friend asked me if I wanted to be a music video editor. It was kind of a dream come true (laughs). I think making music video editing and video editing for games is more of an artistic side of me and if I make music videos, there are going to be people who are like, “Oh, that guy’s great! Oh, he’s been making music videos for a few years!” I can see that, especially when it’s a video game like Uncharted 4, to have people say, “Well, that guy’s really great.” I don’t know exactly what role that will play in my job, but there’s no question that I’m going to make video games with music in them for at least a long time. There might end up being a whole series of that.

You have been very open about your musical tastes, even though it’s not obvious. What’s your favorite music? I think I’m probably a bit into electronic music, but I don’t know if it’s electronic music or classical music or other genres. I’m also into old rock. It seems like a lot of the music from that era was kind of influenced by rock and then I’ve been getting more and more into classical music. Maybe I feel like I can connect to that more.

What’s your favorite place to listen to music? I am more into indie rock and ambient, especially in sound. The ones I like the most are The Cure or Rammstein, because they’re just so clean, really melodic. They’re not too hard or too soft. It’s not like there’s a bunch or anything like that – it’s just a really clean sound. I also like new-wave. I love R.E.M. – their whole sound is so clean and minimal, except for their guitar playing, so I really like those guys. They’re super fun to listen to. Those guys are kind of my role models because they made it all sound good, even though it is a completely different thing than what I do. At most times, I try to avoid the big, loud rock or the kind of weird shit

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