What is the job outlook for a video editor? – Using Iphone For Youtube Videos

There is a lot of work in the industry on the growth of the video editor. At least in Japan the growth is big, you need to make a great video. But there are plenty of jobs for video editors. Because there are more and more people are creating video for free and even when you make an amazing video I believe you need to pay for the time you have put in, which is why I believe it’s the video editor’s job to make a beautiful video.

Where to buy your video editing equipment?

Before I even had my camera, I thought I should think about where I should get my gear. And I’ve spent almost 100,000 Yen and more on editing equipment.

What’s the difference between a video editing team and a video production team?

A video production team will make the final video. Video editing team will put it together. And a video editing team is much harder than a video production team. One of the big differences is you need to be able to have a flexible workflow. In a video production team there’s a day and night schedule and a big schedule for making the video. We’re like video production department employees. And our budget is very big. It makes it really heavy to work the time you need to do your videos.

Why do you think you are successful as a video editor?

Because I have a lot of passion. When I work on a good video everyone else in the video-editor room will know I’m serious. People in my team love working with video. But if I tell them to make a video, they will think I’m insane. So with that, my team really loves working with video.

When a video production company hires you, do you feel intimidated or do you feel they want to hire you because of your work as a video editor?

No, they’re all like “Hey, why don’t you make that video?” That’s why I’m so happy to work there. I think it’s a great company. It’s been so long I still don’t know what everyone’s job is for. I feel like people in the video editing staff always work around me. Everyone is so busy making the video, I need to be the one directing the video. It’s a really great office for video editing.

What are your favorite part about being a video editor?

When I make an outstanding video people will say “I love this video. I think you’re amazing

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