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While the cheapest 4K camera is a brand new product with no proven history, the camera that could be the cheapest is already sold out. All of them except the Canon EOS 550D and Canon EOS 6D sell for the same price.

This means that unless you are willing to pay over $1000 for a new camera and the money is going to be used, you are never going to be able to shoot in 4k without risking the camera and the money that’s being saved to purchase it.

The reason why it’s an unrealistic price for even a new 4K camr.

Why it’s so hard to buy a 4k camera

One of the most difficult things to purchase is a 4k camr, because it’s such a specialized product with the need of a specific set of specs and so many variations with each one that every store that carries it has a different number and the price and the specs are completely different.

Every shop that carries this product has their own unique selection and you cannot compare two different sales offers. If you want to buy one 4k camr from one store and another one from another, you’ll need to do your own comparison and find an affordable buy.

This means that if you want to shoot 4k video on a budget, you’ll need to do your own comparison between buying one camr or many.

How do you compare prices

The easiest way to know if the price is reasonable is to find out the product’s specs and see whether they are better than the competition.

You can check the specs of a 4k camr by browsing the online marketplace for 4k camr and comparing specs of the different models. Each 4k camr has its own specialities, but this is the easiest way to see that the product is not that great at a general comparison.

Can I buy a low cost 4k camr for under $500 and have a decent 4k video with it?

Yes, you can purchase a low cost 4k camr for under $500!
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A good 4k camr will be at least $100 cheaper than the best camr in its genre. So for under $500 you can buy one great 4k camr and shoot high quality 4k video for under $1000.

There are some caveats to this however:

The price will likely be lower since the camr is less popular, but this is still a good

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