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If you’re using a smartphone or a smartphone + tablet then the best camera for music videos is obviously going to be one that boasts great camera specs and a high resolution camera. That being said, there are many smartphones that are capable of producing video which makes it hard to narrow down the top 4 cameras to just two.

In this post we’d like to take a look at several smartphones that use the latest Samsung Galaxy devices but can also do an amazing job of producing images of music videos. If you have other thoughts or ideas, be sure to leave them below!

Check out our list of the best 4K smartphones

Note: This list is not exclusive or complete by any means…

But it does do our current job here at Gearbest really well and it should give you the base you need to pick the best smartphone for music videos.
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The following are the best 4K smartphone cameras if you intend to shoot music videos:

Apple 5 Series :

It’s no secret that the 5th generation iPhone camera has become one of the most popular and acclaimed and the new model has become the benchmark of the whole new generation of the iPhone series.

For these reasons, we wanted to try to find a 4K Smartphone camera that was on par with the iPhone 6 (S6) and iPhone 6 Plus in terms of photo quality, but also in terms of battery life and performance.

The only camera that was quite close to the 5 Series was the LG G6 so we couldn’t afford that and instead chose another 4K camera. A phone that offers the new UltraPixel technology and an image stabilising lens, Sony’s Xperia Z5 Compact and the Huawei P7 were the two others that we went with. The Huawei P7 was one of the best 4K smartphones we have tested so far as well as the only camera that could compete with the 5 Series.

It comes with a 20MP front facing camera and 8MP rear facing. The Sony Xperia Z5 Compact comes with a similar camera as well and it’s only available in Black, but in this case the image quality was noticeably better than the P7.

Note: The above are all cameras from Sony and all four models are available in both the White and Black colours.

Other 4K Smartphones that we could choose between:

Samsung Galaxy S5 :

If we had to put a final pick then the Samsung Galaxy S5 (S575HV) would

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