What equipment do you need to shoot a music video? – How To Shoot A Tutorial Video

A tripod, an SLR, some kind of lens or camera with a wide FOV or even a better FOV lens like a Sony A6000

A small soft box/boxy

A few minutes of your time

A small flash

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A lens bag to put all the equipment into

If you don’t have an SLR, you’ll need a camera phone (the right one really depends on what kind of music is being filmed), although with the DSLR camera you’ll have to make sure that when taking the pictures you use the proper settings that the phone is capable of taking.

Nowadays people are constantly using their phones to take video while working and that might be acceptable for a few years, but in the long run it’s very bad for the image quality and it’s harder to tell if there’s any potential camera shake that wasn’t there before. The best solution would be shooting with a tripod and a soft box, though this requires a bit of forethought in making sure you’ve got your camera just right.

The best solution is to keep your equipment as simple as possible so that you don’t need to think about it.

For example, you might think of a camera shake issue as camera shake being something created from the camera itself (camera shake is just the camera being physically moved by the movements of the camera – the shutter is moved, the lens is pointed, the lens hood is moved, the film or film can’t be exposed correctly, the camera has been moved around on a desk, the lenses are pointed etc.) and that a soft box will help contain that or keep it in one place. In this kind of setup, while you might have a strong possibility of getting camera shake (or some other potential problem) in some shots, most of the time it won’t be noticeable because you’ll be able to get away with it (and if it’s a problem the studio will take quick action to fix it).

For the other situation, if you’re recording in the studio and you have some sort of movement problem (like being carried around by a band or a group) and you need to stop your video for a very little while to get the problem solved (so you know you have the right tool), you’ll want to use more serious equipment:

A small soft box (for example, the Boxy) with a strap/strapping on your arm

A tripod with an SLR attachment (camera in front and lens

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