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How many millions of dollars did they spend on special effects? How many people did they spend it on?
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Now you’re probably thinking those are great questions. I’m going to just try to summarize what I’ve been writing in my head for the past month in one easy to read chart.

So for starters here are my stats.

First we have all the big movies released in 2014 with a whopping 100 million tickets sell. At that price point, anyone paying close enough attention is bound to make a chart like this for the year, and that’s all I’ll do for this post.

Secondly, there are some good, good movies. They come out at the highest point of the year, people go to see them in theatres, and when that film does reasonably well, someone from the company you work for can buy a ticket and the movie doesn’t sink like a dead fish. This is a good thing!

Anyway, here’s the chart.

This is for one month, so we’re comparing apples with oranges. We have the same $100 million grosses for 2014’s big movies as we do for 2013’s $100 million ones. The only difference is I’m not comparing 2014’s big movies to 2013’s (but you can assume 2016’s $100 million is the same). I’ve just been averaging 2014’s films that were the big movie of the year with 2013’s.

What was good about 2014? The summer. The last two years of summer have been the biggest (though 2014, for reasons of scheduling, would make me happy for years after). I’d say this was the second best time of the year for big movies.

What was not great? I think it’s fair to say that 2014 was still the year that the studios got the biggest bang for their bucks and gave it away to a slew of very good films. I don’t know exactly what other choices the studios made, but we can assume that the best ones they chose for 2014 were the ones that weren’t going to make it into the box office.

2014 wasn’t the year that blockbuster movies went away for good. Maybe 2014 was the year that a bunch of little films (and one big) began to catch on. Maybe this would be the year that a bunch of little movies started to lose their mojo. Maybe this might be the year that sequels started to get better.

Whatever happened, the biggest hit of the century was Iron Man 3, that was a

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