Should I buy mirrorless or DSLR? – Learn Videography In 5 Days

Mirrorless cameras are extremely popular and, unlike film, film cannot be altered in post-production – so they are ideal for editing. This means that they are good for shooting sports, architecture and many landscapes.

As an example, I often shoot landscapes in colour and want to achieve a very natural look. In this example I shot one or two shots of our beautiful, serene garden at our home. At one point someone called my camera, asked “how do you take an image like that with a digital camera? How does it turn out?” I explained that I’ve always shot film and I have found it’s the best medium for capturing those great vistas. It’s a great example of why mirrorless cameras are such a great choice for an outdoor professional and amateur alike. Also, they’re relatively high-resolution and cost almost nothing to own.

This is the very same garden that I shot this picture with my Canon 1Ds. You can see the difference. The digital image I photographed is more realistic (not to mention sharper) than the one from the film!

What camera should I start with? I don’t really think much about camera choices, and it depends on the shot. I tend to go for the same style of photography that I’d use when I was shooting film. I like to shoot fast moving subjects with light and fast lenses – especially when the subject is close up. I like to shoot in RAW because it can be edited and gives you the ultimate control over your images before they are sent to your camera or your printer in your printer. I also use the “raws” option in the camera because it works so well!

What camera is best for my needs? When I bought the 3D camera, I really just wanted to capture moving images – and that was my main goal! I found that the 3D is the ideal setup for me: very comfortable body with big LCD screen and a lot of grip! I’ve been shooting with the 3D for many years now and I have to say, it’s really perfect: the depth of field is really good and the pictures really look ‘realistic’. I love using the 3D on my iPad, because I have my camera’s settings on the screen too. Just like with film, I am able to edit my pictures once I’ve sent them in.

You can find more information about the Olympus FZ1000 and the Olympus 50mm F1.8 HERE.

To see what these two cameras can

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