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I want to see you do the following, so that’s what my experiment was about.

There is so much content in our world, so much information on various platforms, that it’s hard to focus on one. It can be a time consuming task to sort through, particularly for people new to the field (read: most of us).

The best solution is to have more than one video to look at.

There are several ways to accomplish this, one of which is video editing. Since I didn’t have many opportunities to watch video for work, I settled on video editing.

I started with the “How to edit with Final Cut” article. From there I learned about Premiere Video, and then Adobe Premiere CC. Premiere Video is a free, professional video editor that is available under a variety of license levels.

You may be familiar with Adobe’s CC Suite, which you may know as the free, professional, pro suite. The CC Suite can even be installed on one’s iPhone, if you so choose.

There are a number of different software packages available, but I went with the free-to-use and premium version of Adobe Premiere. If you do the math, the costs of the plugins (i.e. plugins and updates, like the ones I tested) are approximately 6 cents a month. This translates into 1.8 cents per year. You can see the complete list of CC licenses here.

The cost of Adobe’s software will vary depending on which license you chose. It’s best to check your options here.

The basic package (free) is the minimum for most individuals. You’ll need to select multiple files or clips to export to the editing program. You can also choose to export your video to your PC, Mac or a video server.

There is a free version in your default web browser. For most, this will work fine.

There is also a Pro version, which is available for $39.99, with a premium Pro version available at $449.99 (I opted to purchase the Pro version). Both versions require high resolutions footage.

Since I had access to a Mac, I installed Adobe After Effects free of charge on OS X Yosemite and created a reel with clips from the “How to edit with Final Cut” article.

I then converted the work from Final Cut CC to Premiere on my MacBook and exported the file to my iPhone. Once I received the final file, I exported

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