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Are the pay packets good enough?

While the majority of my clients are professional filmmakers, I also work with a large number of amateur producers with mixed backgrounds. Whether they’re looking to become an editor or simply find better income in the business – and whether they’ll need a few pointers on how to shoot better and make more money – they’ll find some or all of this article useful.

What I’m aiming to achieve with these articles – and how you might contribute to their success – is to help producers create their own personal web site, a YouTube channel or even a Twitter account that draws on expertise, and offers a consistent stream of high quality advice, and offers a friendly, helpful, and accessible voice to their followers.

Many of our top articles have been written by our very own producers in person! They’re always available for feedback on our latest productions.

So before you send out that final reel and put the video up on Youtube, you’ll be well positioned to work directly with your clients, and also get the advice you need, when you need it.

(This is the 3nd post in a series of articles written to help new producers succeed in this industry. Click here to jump straight to Episode 2)

Why You Won’t Go for a Video Editing Job in Film School?

What do I mean by this?

Well, I mean your chances of making it as an editor.

Here’s some examples of the types of work I’m likely to have the most contact with:

Advertising, Content Creation and Social Management (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn)

Production and Video Marketing (eg. YouTube, Instagram, Vine)

Film Design and Production Design (e.g. FilmMaker’s Website)

Creative Agency/Firm (eg. Paddy Power, WME, Creative Artists Agency)

Teacher (eg. NUS, Aberystwyth Union, UEA Film School, Aberystwyth College film department)

In all of these cases, editors will generally be part of a creative director’s team, or will work directly for an agency or manager.

I’ve already explained why the majority of editors are likely to go into film school, and the reason why is partly due to the skills required for the position.
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However, what’s equally relevant is that editors are also the individuals responsible for the film’s final release.


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