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Ultra HD, as defined by this specification, promises to deliver a combination of 1080p/60Hz (aka UHD), and 2160p resolution using 2x optical and 2x multi-stream transport. Both types of resolution are necessary to deliver a consistent and immersive experience that’s also suited for VR, which isn’t quite 2160p, but it’s close. The 2D resolution of the display should be 1920×1080 pixels or higher, as that’s the maximum resolution currently available for this technology in most PC displays. In fact, according to a report by PCWorld (which is part of PCMag), 4K (or UHD) was originally defined by a technical publication from the UHD Alliance.

3D Vision, as defined by the 3DVision spec, is not the same thing as Ultra HD; 3DVision is used for games and applications that are designed for PC, while Ultra HD is for the displays that are built for VR, including Samsung’s upcoming Project Morpheus, HTC Vive, and the Oculus Rift. 3D Vision, and the technology that is implemented in it, includes support for higher resolutions than those typically found in PCs.

Why does Ultra HD matter?

High-end PCs are becoming more expensive, and the higher resolutions offered by Ultra HD TVs can still come in a way smaller than what’s currently being offered in the UHD market. While HDTVs with a native resolution of 1080p and 60Hz will start at $2,000 – $3,750 depending on the model and features you select – you can start seeing higher-end systems like the $18,000-plus Project Morpheus, for instance, going for up to $10,000 (although there will be a $1,000 discount with the purchase). That means you can get a much more powerful and immersive PC than what’s currently being offered.

How can I determine which 4K TVs are worth my time?

In the United States at least, you can still make an educated choice that will save you money and your eyeballs. When you look at a 4k TV, you’ll want to look for things like HDMI connections to get the signal to an HDR-capable display, and a TV that offers the right colors in the HDR space. In all, there are three 4K TVs available on
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The LG OLED4K TV from LG with 4K resolution;

The Samsung UN65MU8000 (that

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