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The Biggest Lazy, Lulzman-In-A-Box Ever: The Lazy, Lulzman-In-A-Box (LBICB), is a mobile board game developed by Jonathan M. Smith and published by Fantasy Flight Games. Based on the same gameplay as the Lazy Troll, the LBICB is a game of card drafting, in which two to four players compete to build the largest set of cards, then submit their results to the game’s main table for other players to analyze and use against their opponents.

For those unfamiliar with the game, here’s a brief description of the mechanics:

• Each player receives one LBICB (which you will be required to sign and carry along with your games to play), consisting of a bag of cards from which each player’s cards will be selected.

• Each player chooses a card to use and a set of rules to be executed.

• The game goes back to the main table, where the players vote on a turn, with the winner choosing a card from the bag and executing the rules on that card.

The game follows two phases: the initial draft phase, where the players select a card from their LBICB and submit a turn, and the player elimination phase, where a player with fewer card types than another loses the game.

The original product description included rules to be submitted “as if” to the game, but the rules were changed based on feedback from the KickStarter community. The updated version is based entirely on the input of the community and the final version is complete with rules submitted as-is.

The Kickstarter version included a number of upgrades not included in the retail version of the game:

• An upgrade from three deck sizes, to three different sizes: 2-4, 5-8, and 9-12. This upgrade increases the cost of each deck by 50%.

• A better plastic bag, filled with plastic plastic cards, that is a bit more durable than the cardboard ones available from Fantasy Flight Games (fractional-reserve-only, in other words, and very strong!). As these cards can lose their integrity over time, the plastic bags (now containing even more cards) are recommended over card stock.

• A plastic bag (for you and your friends

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