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Yes, a camera on an iPod can record your activities. But you cannot just download it from the Internet. To do so, you need a special device. There are more expensive models that you use to transfer videos onto your iPod, but the advantages of the USB memory stick can’t be underestimated: a camera mounted on the iPod works with any iPod with a video port—which means that you can just plug the camera in and start shooting. What’s more, the storage space is really large (2.6 gigabytes).
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If this idea appeals to you, it may be an excellent choice but only if you plan on using the camera constantly, with a recording device attached to your iPod. The camera, however, is perfect if you want to record an isolated segment or even a single video.

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The camera doesn’t work with any of the iPod Touch models released yet, but the iPod Touch 2 and the iPod Touch Mini will work with the camera. At the Apple Store in Los Angeles, you can also find the camera for sale.

You are getting married but there are a lot of questions from the wedding guest. How much will your wedding cost? How do you know if you do or don’t have any credit card debt? What if you don’t have the wedding gift? Or if it’s just a small engagement party? What if it’s a bigger event than your wedding?

You may have heard there is a credit limit to get your credit card out of a bad credit history. However, once you are married, there isn’t an income limitation, so what is the minimum credit limit?

Before you go into the wedding planning business, it’s important to understand that your credit limit is how much credit you can receive each month for certain categories of credit.

The maximum credit limit and the minimum credit limit is set based on the information and information type you provide to your application. For example, you can’t use too much credit in order to get a car loan, but if you submit an application to get a mortgage, the lender will require you to have a credit limit of at least 300 to maintain mortgage financing.

When you start getting married, you are not on a credit limit. If you do not have the amount of a particular credit limit shown below, you may be able to use credit without exceeding that specific amount. If you exceed the credit limit listed, you will be charged a monthly fee to keep it in effect.

How Much

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