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The answer depends on the video. An easy way to figure out how much you’ll want to charge is to find a place that you like to hang your gear and see what the average rate should be for that place. You should end up paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 – $15 per hour. If you like to use the carpool system, you may be able to bring your vehicle with you. If you don’t, you need to find a place that you like to drive to and then have that person drop you off a few hours before your first rental.

How will the rental car cost? In many states, you need to do your driving while driving the car. You will also need to have insurance. Usually you will be charged a small amount if you have insurance for the insurance portion of your rental. In all states, the rental car will be charged for all the fees you pay when you are out riding or driving. In some states, you may not need to purchase insurance, but the state car rental agency will probably charge you something for that. These are just some things to consider before you rent a car.

How do I get my car started? If you want to start the car and you don’t already own it or drive it, you’ll need to get the car started. You can also get the car started on a public parking lot or at an auto store if you are able to get there. Depending on the state, you may or may not be able to start the car at an auto store. Check with your state car rental agency. There’s nothing on your rental receipt that says you need to get your car started.

Can I pick up my keys? Most states have a rule that says you can not pick up your keys unless you already have them (if you got your drivers license first). Check your rules with your state car rental agency.

Can I change my mind and rent a different car? You can easily change your mind if you want after booking your rental. In most states, you can’t have the car for more than 2 days without the rental company returning it. Check with your state car rental agency.
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Is the price higher if I am in my 20s? Most places will charge you the same amount regardless of the age of your rental car. You will probably have to pay a bit more for insurance than if you had a younger car in it.

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