How much money does 1 million YouTube views make? – Learn Videography In 5 Days

Well, it depends on how much time a person spends watching a video. The short answer? Not a lot.

A study from Stanford showed that people who watched 5.85 hours of videos every month on average saw an average of $16,100 in revenue, which is worth about $400 to $500 on every $50 video viewed. Another study found that people watch on average four hour videos, or about 60,000 YouTube views, over the course of a month, for about $500.

While there are plenty of other sources for revenue on YouTube, the amount people would be willing to spend on some of the more popular channels is relatively low, at around $0.10 per ad click. One thing to keep in mind, however, are that all of the ad clicks will count toward how much YouTube makes.

How big are the revenue streams for YouTubers?

YouTube pays out $17.5 million in ad revenue annually. This includes nearly $9 million paid for each video view and $750,000 in revenue for each video’s views.

YouTube also has a monthly program where video creators earn up to $250. This gives them the right to share with their followers through their channels.

So where does the other $12,000 go? It’s split 50/50 between the YouTube partner network and partners who advertise on their own channels.

It’s not all rosy. According to a survey by marketing experts, some of the most popular YouTubers can rake in some pretty penny thanks to their huge channel audiences — including the popular YouTuber Justin Bieber.

A YouTube spokesperson told The Huffington Post that most of the revenue streams associated with video are a combination of revenue from ads, sponsorships and advertising revenue on YouTube.

What do you get for your $12,000?

On top of that, you may also receive access to merchandise like branded T-shirts, hoodies, stickers, posters and even videos. YouTube has said it gets over 50 cents for every $1 in ad revenue that goes on video.

These can range from free video advertising featuring companies like Target or Coca-Cola, to paid videos featuring athletes like the UFC or sports celebrities like Beyonce, NBA players and MLB.

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