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The basic Spotify payment structure is set out in our recent blog post. Below we show you how this works. It’s the same as the way it works for any other popular streaming service except this time with Spotify we’re dealing with a new type of payment called streaming royalties instead of sales of individual tracks.

In this system, Spotify pays the artists based on their annual sales of the music streamed through their service as well as the revenues that come from stream users who pay to have access to a certain song.

When you play one (or more) Spotify tracks it opens a second window where you can purchase additional tracks, which can be used to stream additional music as you like. This has become a very popular way to listen to Spotify music on mobile devices.

While the pricing differs from individual song to song – in some cases, your track might cost the user €1.00 after all, in others, €1.00 is all a song is worth. For a very small price, the value of your Spotify track is huge, and there are some good reasons why this might be the case for you. The key is to keep your song’s overall value as low as possible.

Below we’ve listed out some of our favourite songs and other artists on Spotify. Click on the image to open the Spotify website to listen and purchase their music.

You may find some of the below songs on popular music streaming sites such as Spotify.

“Hush” by Lorde is the most downloaded song on Spotify, having surpassed the 10 million mark in the last 24 hours. To celebrate its 10 million plays, the song was featured in the New York Times best-seller list.

“I Can Never Live Without U” by Justin Bieber has been one of the top 15 songs on Spotify for a long time. But it only recently earned 1.8 million plays on the music streaming service. As such it’s considered a success of its day.

This is obviously the best song ever written on Spotify. However, if you compare it to how much you would pay for it, you can see that this might not be as lucrative a deal to the average user for a Spotify song.

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“Thinking Out Loud” by Drake has been streamed over 14.4 million times, while his second biggest Spotify hit “No Flex Zone” has been streamed over 9.3 million times.

“My Sweet Lord” by Bruno Mars was a massive success at launch, reaching #

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