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How do I get a 15 second YouTube advertising on my page?

What is the cost?

What type of YouTube advertising is online?

The first thing that comes to mind when people think about online video is ads. They are everywhere and they are everywhere online. Many times, they seem to be more cost effective than traditional TV ads and you can even buy ads on your website for less than your regular, on-air rate but it’s not always that simple.

Advertisers have a big advantage over traditional TV networks and even their own network where they sell advertising to advertisers from TV spots to commercial breaks.

Online, advertisers have a lot more options but they are also more expensive. For a typical small business, it won’t be worthwhile to spend money on an online ad because it will have a small effect on the page views. Even for the same business, not paying for an online ad is not uncommon though. You may see people posting their YouTube business on forums on places like Reddit. The ad will get no views, but a few upvotes can get the page higher in Google search rankings. With the YouTube platform, you can reach a lot more people with an ad and spend less.

The next thing that comes to mind are the time and screen time requirements for your ad. The more time and the higher the screen time requirement, the more you’ll pay for each ad. The more time and the higher the screen time, the more money you’ll be spending. The more time and the higher the Google search ranking, the more potential viewers you’ll have.

Advertisers are able to get more views than they pay for because of the way the internet works. For every viewer, there are a hundred potential viewers for each ad and these potential viewers include anyone that visited the page.

What is the difference between online and TV ads?

As I showed you earlier, YouTube ads are much more visible, more efficient, and give you more exposure if your page can be seen to a broader spectrum of viewers (people and devices). You don’t need to put up 100% of your page to get paid. Google is smart enough to know what pages to show you to and give advertisers more exposure based on how many people viewed that page.

That’s important! A page where a lot of people are looking at your ad could be a huge opportunity for a potential advertiser to get their message across.

Here’s a simple example to show

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