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In one of its first attempts to make a money from music videos on mobile, Facebook’s paid video service, Facebook Music, will now send people to a video site (usually a music video site) before paying them money. That’s a much smarter business decision because that video site receives most of the clicks to the video, meaning they are likely to get the biggest traffic on average. It seems that the new Facebook Music subscription won’t bring the money for many people, but it could help build awareness for the service.

Facebook Music also added a new feature that is similar to Spotify’s ad-free subscription. By adding a short text ad to each song (instead of just the song itself), Facebook Music will send people to the relevant music videos in the Facebook News feed, and offer them the option to buy the video ads from the video site (or from a music publisher like YouTube).

At press event, video company Facebook said it will give artists a revenue share of 20% of any sale generated.

While it has become clear that ad revenue has been a great deal for Facebook, it still still may not be enough to sustain it. With over a billion users, it has had a hard time raising money since it is still in the early stages of an Internet advertising business, and a lot of people want to find something better. That’s why Facebook is also spending big time on building its music service, and also is continuing to look at ways for Facebook to make the videos that drive the user retention rate much, much, much better.

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Facebook Music Premium Is a Big Deal for Those Who Like to Download Music

As we know, Facebook Music subscribers are primarily music aficionados. Many people have a lot of music in their computer, including a huge library of music. It is very, very hard to find music video content in many places. With Facebook Music being a big deal for many people, the company has a very good deal of exposure. With users not using Facebook much on their mobile devices, many of them would be more likely to subscribe to Facebook Music Premium if there is even the slightest exposure to it. It’s easy to understand why.

For everyone else, it’s a pretty significant step to use Facebook as a music service, for which you’ll need a desktop device to do so. That means downloading music to your mobile device, then using your phone to search it. It

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