How do I start a freelance video editor? – Learn Video Shooting And Production

Whether you like to work as just an editor, creating video content is a really rewarding and rewarding job. There are a host of different ways to start, so here is a summary of 3 ways to start freelance video editor:

1. Become an editor yourself: As a freelancer the only thing needed is a passion for video editing. You can become an editor at your own pace and make video tutorials and tutorials based on your own content to teach others. The only required skills are the knowledge about video editing (and how to be an introvert).

2. Work as an editor for a local studio : Start a video editing studio at your home (it will be free of charge) and create tutorial videos, blog content, educational videos for local colleges and high schools. You can focus on teaching others instead of editing.

3. Sell your creations to others: When you start creating video content there are two ways to sell your creation, by sending video clips to your audience or by selling your creations to other individuals (you get paid the full amount if you sell your creation to someone else). Either way you are creating video content that your audience can view (at no cost) as well as being able to sell your creations to others (if you are lucky).

What about your resume?

After starting a freelance career with a local studio I did a quick resume check and noticed a lot of people having a lot of work posted on their resume, the reason being, they’re not being honest with their professional work history. This may take some effort for many, and one of the main reasons I created this post is to help you do a bit of research on your professional work history so you can really establish where you work and how much you spend each day.

After checking out my professional work history I’m amazed how little work there is to my face. Even though I love video editing I’ve never managed to create a video, I have had a few short tutorials that have been popular.

My professional resume consists of my full time job position, several internships, and a degree. However, most of it is irrelevant to my blog, it is all about teaching others how to edit.

Check out my free resume here.

What’s your experience like working as an editor?

My experience with freelance editing has been very rewarding and enjoyable, I started as a freelance editor, and it has taught me so much. I’ve had the fortune to create video tutorials

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