How do I start a freelance video editor? – Dop Course

Get your skills tested before they become an industry standard.

Check out JobBoard (

Try to find a project that fits your existing portfolio. Be strategic. Think outside the box.

Your best bet is to test yourself on projects already launched. You can still learn a lot from those projects. And you might need to find a second job, but that’s also an option.

If you can’t find a project near you, see if a freelance video editor is in need of help.

There’s always room for an indie.

Your freelancer, freelance editing service and video editor need to connect.

That could mean sharing a business idea with a friend. Sharing an idea that can be put into practice, but could also be a way to grow a company.

You need a professional business plan as part of your freelancing journey.

For every job you can create, you need to put money towards the creation of that job. The same is true for jobs as freelancers and video editors.

Create a business plan first.

Write down costs and revenues.

You could just add your salary to your business plan. That’s not necessary. Just do a quick check to see what expenses and revenue you’re going to need down the line.

Ask a friend to share a business plan (you should get help from a friend). Share the plans. Ask questions and build a relationship.

Get your resume out there and submit to jobs you’re interested in.

I know it wasn’t always this way in the old days of the internet, but companies have figured out how to connect people with jobs and work.

Use the platforms that help you find a job (like Upwork).

There’s no way around this. The old ways of working still hold some value to a certain extent.

But you don’t have to go back to those ways.

Start your freelance video editing career with the latest skills. Start by checking out, Job Board, Upwork, freelancer search, eLearning (or Udemy classes). Find those who have the skills you want. And find others that have the skills you want.

Take it one step at a time. And, once you have the skills you’re looking for, build the skills and experience that allow you to work in video editing.

Get that

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