How do I record music while playing YouTube? – Learn How To Shoot Video

Video is usually recorded with the SoundCloud app, which is a standalone application that does not require your YouTube credentials or other settings. As long as you are logged into SoundCloud and have your SoundCloud dashboard open, you’re all set with having a video recording app open on the go.

For YouTube videos, you’ll need to sign in with a profile that has a link to your YouTube channel, or open a YouTube site page where you have a link pointing to your channel, and then you can record with the SoundCloud app and the YouTube app.

We do recommend that you backup your YouTube recordings, in case you forget your password or accidentally drop your microphone inside a dark basement. Here’s how:

If you have your SoundCloud profile open as a full-screen video, use the “Start recording” feature to record. Press the “Record” button and choose the “My Music” tab. You can record by pressing and holding Shift, while pressing the record button. Once you’re finished, you can quit the video by the “Stop recording” button.

Video recording will play in your browser window, so you won’t have to worry about losing playback while recording. You can view your video while it is recording by going to the “Channels” tab at the bottom of the SoundCloud interface or by opening the app in a tab-to-tab browser.

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Does soundCloud sync my audio and video recordings with other people’s?

You can share your recordings across your SoundCloud account, in a variety of ways. If you’re logged in as someone else, you can set up a tag so that other people can listen to your recordings.

Other than that, there’s no way to sync recordings with other accounts, except that some partners may allow you to do so, depending on your specific partner service.

How does SoundCloud connect to YouTube?

SoundCloud can download videos from YouTube, but only if they are in the same format as the video you are already playing. After you download it, SoundCloud will connect with your SoundCloud account and allow you to stream its playlist of tracks. When you choose to stream a song from YouTube, your audio will transfer seamlessly, as if your audio came directly from the SoundCloud platform.

What does SoundCloud have to do with videos that I’ve already downloaded and uploaded?

SoundCloud plays sound in your YouTube videos. SoundCloud also has a feature called “playlist syncing

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