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There’s so many ways to do a video background, so be creative! But be sure that your background needs to fit the purpose of your video. Remember that your video background is the first thing your videos see on Facebook. Try something simple and simple to a background if you want to get the most out of these filters. Try background images, or background text, with your video images and your captions and make it your own! That’s it!

If you want more examples of custom backgrounds, check out the Custom Backgrounds Gallery!

I’ve been doing some research on this, and I just happened across it recently.

“The American public’s most recent polling in 2013 found that only 35 percent of registered voters supported legalizing same-sex marriage. Even as public opinion grew closer to marriage rights this fall, voters were divided on legal protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans. The Pew Research Center, a nonprofit think tank, reported that 61 percent of Americans said this year that they considered themselves at least somewhat religious, compared with 38 percent who said the same last autumn, marking a steady decline in the number of Americans describing themselves as unaffiliated.”

What about the numbers of “strong” and liberal voters that oppose marriage? It’s a huge gap between the views of those who approve of gay marriage and those who disapprove (though one of which I think is the most disingenuous). However, the percentage of Americans who hold a political party is a much more important thing. If Democrats hold majorities in Congress in a given year, they can (and often do, despite their failure to retake Congress for a year or two until now) pass marriage equality. And if an opponent of marriage equality attempts to force a vote, such as a GOP Congress, they only have to do it a handful of times in a cycle to prevent a marriage equality amendment from being approved.

I think it’s also safe to assume that those who oppose marriage equality are more likely to be conservative, in addition to being more likely to be socially conservative in general. Conservatives, in other words, may not represent an actual majority of the vote in a given year, but they have an outsized impact on public opinion, and the same can easily be said about those who are opposed.

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