How can I shoot better videos? – Videography Tutorial

You can do whatever you want with your videos: use your webcam to make a video of your fish in the pool, show your fish on your phone, or go into an area where you know people will be.

If you are lucky, it may have passed you from a friend’s friend who is a professional angler, so why not use that to your advantage?

For a more detailed introduction to video camera techniques, refer to this article.

What are the video camera guidelines?

According to the American Oceans Society (AOS), “Video cameras are not the only means for capturing marine life and their beauty – they can also be used to document recreational activities or to document critical environmental conditions that might otherwise go unnoticed”. You can check out the AOS article for the full list of recommendations.

Can I just film the fish and watch at my leisure?

Yes! You can even shoot video of your favorite local fish, or watch live fish fishing and take footage to be used if you get a great shot! You may also want to keep a close watch on that fish…

When it comes to filming marine creatures, there are a couple different methods that may work for you.

The best option may be the handheld

While handheld video cameras are fairly commonplace in today’s society, they’re not as convenient as being able to pull out a phone to film what you want. So, if you’re lucky enough to have a camera with a built-in lens that captures video or takes stills, it may be the easiest and fastest method to capture marine life.

One important thing to note if working with handheld video cameras:

Make sure that you have good lighting. This should be an important consideration, since any video footage taken at night or when there’s too much light will look washed out and not as clear.

Another suggestion is to use a lens that you don’t mind losing control of. If shooting video underwater with an underwater lens, such as a shallow lens (typically with a depth-finder), you should be able to manually focus the camera so that you can take as much video with your hands as possible.

The other option if working with a handheld video camera is by using a telephoto lens. If you have this lens, you may also be able to use it for stills or video.

If using a telephoto lens, it’s important to make sure your battery is charged to use the

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