How can I light a room for video? – Videography Bootcamp

Lighting can be difficult on a budget, particularly for large setups. The video room should have a solid source of light – usually a room lamp or similar. The light source should be able to fill your room, but not interfere with each other, be evenly distributed and allow good viewing angles. If you’re using a single tube type luminaire, it also means the light must be able to illuminate the entire space. The video room should be set up with multiple video screens or screens with adjustable color, so that the brightness is uniform across the space in each screen.
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What about LED video tubes/luminaires?

You can’t get high quality LED lighting with a single large tube or luminaire. It should be a dedicated lighting system. Most of these kits come with LED lights that operate in one of three different modes: low mode, medium mode and high mode. The low mode is most common and requires the use of one switch, like a digital radio switch. The medium mode is most common and has two switches that activate separate strobe modes. The high mode activates both flash and strobe, so that when high the lights are at their most bright. This is how most video equipment is currently designed and usually requires only one switch. If you want to use several LED lamps that work in this mode, make sure they are spaced so that each one lights the same area.

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