How can I light a room for video? – See Yourself While Filming

If light is coming from both sides of the room then you either need curtains, or a diffuser. A diffuser increases the amount of light that hits a small area, but only a small area. If, like me, you have a large, open room, you need at least two of them. The same will be true for a lot of other rooms in your house.
The problem with diffusers is that there are also more things you have to deal with. The more walls you have, the more walls to deal with. If there isn’t a wall to diffuse the light into, the light will be more scattered and less concentrated to the corners and corners of the room. But that light from both sides will have to get through the diffuser.
Light from both sides will have to get through the diffuser.
The solution is a diffuser of some type. A diffuser is designed to reflect most of the light from one point towards another. This means that the light coming into the room from the side will have a longer distance travelled. The light going into the room from the other side will have a shorter distance travelled, and will be reflected less in the corners of the room.
One way of light reaching from the side into the room is by a diffuser. The reason a diffuser is made is so that the rays travel more than the width of the diffuser will allow. To get a more even spread of light, it is necessary to use a smaller, longer diffuser (with thinner layers) to reflect the light from one point, into many others (from the side).
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problem is that there is very little room for error. At one time you might see a big difference in the amount of light coming in from the side of the room when compared to the amount of light coming from any one point in the room. This is normal. But as the walls in a room get wider, and the diffusers have thinner and longer layers, then the amount of light reaching any given point in the room goes down. This is why a diffuser is so important.
The best way to create a decent looking image in a large house by diffusers is to have small, flat, flat, flat, flat diffusers. They should be only about 1/8 to 1/4 the size of the room, so that they reflect light to the sides of the room at the same rate as the amount of light hitting any one point in the room. You should be seeing this in your

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