Do DSLR cameras take good video? – Videography Tutorial

The Canon DSLR 6D is a decent camera at all distances and will not disappoint. There are no outstanding issues in the video department. It produces good footage and has an excellent build quality. This camera is very forgiving in terms of how it captures video. You will not be disappointed with this camera. The video is good, but not amazing, and the video stabilization will disappoint you, but you can always make it better. Even if you are not able to adjust the video video to your liking, the video is good enough to capture all day long, and even at night. One thing to give the DSLR a little more respect is that the video is not the best it can be. At the most the DSLR can produce video for about one third of a second, which is about 20 minutes of video. When you consider how slow most video cameras come up to speed, that makes the video take too long to view in real time. The slowest we were able to get a quality video from the DSLR was about a minute, which is not a good number for a handheld camera. The Canon 6D also takes great video with slower speeds and more frames. The video is not horrible, and is fine for general use. It is not amazing either, there are some things not seen in video, and most of that is still being worked on. If you need high end video, the Canon DSLR 6D is still a good choice, but most people will still be happy going with an HD1 over the Canon 6D.

Canon 6D (body only) | Price: $1,299 | Manufacturer’s Website

The Canon EOS-1D X Mark II is a bit different than the earlier version that hit the market nearly two years ago. It is a bit more expensive than its older brother, but it does not have the same limitations as its predecessor. There are no longer any limitations on the body, and you are able to put your DSLR on a swivel mount, mount the camera on a table and use it as a laptop. The camera comes with an HDMI to SD card adapter for use as an HD video camera in a pinch or as a general use video camera. You will not find a better camera than the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II. Although you will lose some functionality in that, and the resolution and frame rate is not quite the same as what can be seen in this article, you will find that you will be able to record

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