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– No, I’ll only try on a normal laptop (Mac OS X). I have a 4″ TV, which is too wide to have a lot of room on my iPhone, which is too tall (8″ tall) to screenshot on the iPhone’s tiny 4″ screen.

We’ve got a little special for today’s roundup! This is our “Super Special!” where we focus on one movie of the week, rather than many. So instead of looking at every film that came out in 2014, rather than looking at every release and its rating, as all the “specials” do, we’re focusing on just one movie and one film only, and it will be a good one. This week, the winner is “The Revenant”.

The Revenant is a hard-hitting, blood-splatter movie about the battle between men and their inhumanity. It’s so hard to look away that it can’t help but draw viewers in. You can’t help but marvel at the beauty of the wilderness on display, the rugged landscape, the awe of these men and the horrific carnage. It also puts a tremendous amount of focus on the characters, especially in the first act when our hero Matt (Clive Owen) is tasked with saving a woman while trying to figure out his life’s journey. And he really does.
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“The Revenant” was directed by Alejandro G. Inarritu, who also has a number of short movies out there — including the award-winning “Birdman” in 2013. He won some big awards for director with this. He also gets a lot of flak for his films’ violent content, and rightly so, but when it’s done well, he’s got this thing. In “The Revenant” he puts it on display beautifully, and makes no apologies, and that gives us more than enough for the rest of our article.

As of this Friday at Midnight EST, Netflix has ordered 13 new episodes of the series. With episodes to come in October and November, “The Revenant” definitely has a chance to become the highest-rated Netflix Original Series of 2015, and we may get another 10 seasons of it. Check out our latest trailer below, and don’t forget to catch the film when it comes out in theaters on November 25th!

If Netflix has anything to say about it, “The Revenant” isn’t just going to end up a cult classic, it’s going to go from one of the highest-

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