Can you video screenshot on iPhone? – Documentary Film Camera Techniques

No, but we do now offer one last video screenshot on the iPhone.

When the user is on the video screen, a large picture of the camera is displayed.

Once the user selects the video screen, a large picture of the picture that the user has shot will be displayed.

What about video of YouTube? Can you save it?

Yes, you can, and also on

For YouTube, we save the full resolution of the video in the user’s camera roll.

If the user deletes the video from YouTube, we simply will keep the video, in its full resolution, saved with the video.

Why did you make this? What got you into video-taking?

I am not fond of editing software so I do not use it on the computer, but when I was in high school I used this program called AcroShot (now AcroCam) to take pictures.

It was my favorite way of taking pictures since then and I kept it saved on my computer. That was a lot of fun (and a pain)!

A friend of mine and I would make video calls from my bedroom to his in-laws. I loved the sound of our voices and so we began recording our calls on our home video cameras. He would record one call, then I would record the same call, while he would record another one.

This is how we came to take video. He would record one scene of me talking to my mom, and this was then emailed to me with video of both of us talking. We called each other from this recording for weeks.

So here you have a phone app using your webcam to take pictures and video. The apps we use today are free and easy to use, but we would have loved to have one that made our lives easier, like AcroShot. I don’t do that, so this app is my favorite (especially because it is free):

Camera Shots | KCIMDD
And I would love to see the app get more features and more functionality.

The app works on iOS7 and above. You can also call using an NFC tag if you need a picture or video call, you can even send emails with the app.

Do you have a website? Is it free?

As with any app, we have developed a website for the app, and we would like the app to be available as a free app too when it is released.


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