Can I record a video playing on my phone? – How To Shoot Videos

No. If you connect your phone to the projector via bluetooth, the projector will use the phone’s cameras to record the whole time you are holding it over the projector. For the best viewing experience, have someone else sit at the computer. You will enjoy the view in a more quiet, private environment. What is the maximum resolution that the projector can display? The projector requires a full 120 FPS of resolution. Any 1080p resolution of your screen will work with the projector. How do I adjust my screen magnification? You can adjust your screen magnification when you connect to your projector to a computer. This makes it very easy to make use of the projector and not waste precious desktop real estate. I cannot connect my projector to the computer in any way! How can I connect the projector via Bluetooth? If your device does not support bluetooth, you can simply connect it via bluetooth to the projector via a USB cable. The projector will use the external camera to record the full view of the screen. If you want to connect your device by USB, you will need an HDMI cable. Is the projector waterproof? Yes, the projector is dust, heat and water resistant. Is there a connection cable for the speaker? Not at this time. The speakers are on the back of the projector and connect through a standard USB-B to 3.5mm adapter.

The projector is in stock and ready to ship. Should I order more than one, will I automatically be charged? If so, when I order this item will it ship in pairs? No it will not. When we send out the shipping form, you won’t be told anything. We are going for a fast shipping rate. As soon as we are ready to ship out the items, you can select ‘add to cart’ and we will automatically add them to your cart. Is the projector waterproof with the stand? The stand is designed to allow the stand to slip over a wide range of surfaces. The camera is also rated for moderate underwater conditions. Why only 1.5 ft? For safety and practicality. We know why you want this thing so much! We could create a 1.5 ft version and no one would care and we think we offer a more useful and appealing option which is the 1.5 ft version without the stand. Does the stand also function as the screen mount? Yes the stand will allow the display to be mounted over the projector via a 4mm hole, but our camera does not take over the role as screen mount.

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