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Is video on a DSLR the best way to record a wedding? And, more to the point: Do you have a camera in your wedding rig? We have some answers to your questions about how to record videos at your wedding. Here’s a list of everything you need to know.

If you’ve ever used video with a wedding rig, you know the excitement and anxiety of finding your video shot with each element of your wedding ceremony – lighting, decor, music, ceremony and reception. There are very different ways to record your wedding videography, and all different ways to get the best results. Video recording is a fun and exciting way to capture your ceremony and celebrate your wedding. From start to finish you’ll always be able to edit, edit, edit; and edit again to get your wedding video perfect.

In this post, we will discuss:

All the different ways you can use video for your wedding, including shooting a slow motion wedding, a digital wedding, and a traditional wedding.

The basics of video recording for couples and friends to learn how to shoot, edit, and organize a wedding video

The basics of recording with flash, including how to get the best out of your camera

The best way to set up your sound systems and cameras, from getting your sound systems set up, setting up your microphones, to recording on your phone and streaming your video to social media.

Choosing a wedding videographer – if you need help here, I have a post with tons of tips and how to get the most out of your video experience

How to shoot a traditional wedding from your mobile devices – in this post. Plus, check out our tips for videographers on wedding and photo shoot location scouting.

Here at WeddingWire, we think a wedding video is a great way to celebrate your special day with friends and family. And you don’t need to be a wedding videographer to record your wedding, or shoot for a wedding videographers – many other professionals are available to help you get your wedding video perfect. With our guide to finding a wedding videographer, you’ll also learn:

Tips and tricks to get your wedding video going quickly and smoothly

A full write up and step-by-step tutorial on setting up the wedding video setup on your phone and social media

The best way to learn how to shoot the wedding video with a wedding rig. Check out where to learn more!

To see if a wedding videographer is right for

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