Are phone cameras better than DSLR? – Videography Basics Pdf

No, of course not. If you are shooting an open street, you don’t need a huge amount of extra equipment. If you are making a documentary, you can use your smartphone and a small flash without taking any camera-equipment (even the camera) with you.

For my own film project, I wanted to take more care on my cameras’ batteries (in case of failure). It has also been nice to have small and convenient batteries so that I don’t forget to take them when I go back to the town of Lina. I even used a mini USB 3.0 battery pack to charge my camera and keep it charged.

The main thing I like about the NEX C100 is its ability to record in 1080p. There’s no resolution drop compared with my usual DSLR camera (Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 OSA, or Canon EOS M40, for example), or Sony RX100 IV or even Sony A6000. It also means that it can capture more action in high resolution than the other DSLRs.

I can’t say if you would benefit from such a quality camera. I’m sure that with a bigger lens, you can do more detailed and sharp shots, but for me, it’s just fine to have an affordable device to keep me on track and to keep me filming.

The sensor is also pretty good, although some reviewers have asked me if the image quality could have been even better.

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For landscape, I usually take the camera down to f/12.0 to capture the shadows. This creates a lot of noise and sometimes I lose a bit of image information. For portraits, I normally shoot from about f/8 to f/22.1 for good exposure and contrast.

The camera is not great in bright sunshine. I’m happy with the ISO setting for it.

If you prefer a bigger sensor, the NEX C200 is pretty great. It has excellent detail, even in the dark. If you shoot mostly in low-light, you may want to consider the Sony X1D, it has quite high ISO settings at f/11 and f/16. It also has a bigger sensor, at 24 megapixels (or 70 megapixels in some cases).

The X1D is also cheaper, especially with the price increase in the last months.

This time, I will compare Sony A6000 and NEX C100 side-

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