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Well, because if you take the fabric out of the dress it is a skirt or something and it doesn’t look like a dress, so we don’t call it a flapper dress but a skirt! It’s a fun name and we always like to call it that too, I think because it is, well, a flapper dress, but it’s also a skirt. And if you go to some other dresses and try and put that on there, they’re so tight that you can’t move it. You can only move it so far, and that is a great thing because you have access to it as an accessory, it’s such a versatile accessory! If you don’t have access to a skirt you’re going to have a horrible experience and a lot of questions!

Now, this is all coming out of my experience; you have to be a little bit of a seasoned veteran to be able to sit and say, “Oh my gosh, how can you do this stuff? It wasn’t even my idea! It’s not my original idea”. So it’s been really good and I think if you’re looking to get into sewing you’ll really like it because it is such an easy thing to do.

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If you are interested in buying your own custom dress, or are trying to make one of your own then I think you’re going to really like it and I think it’s something that you can put a lot of time and love into and it is well worth it:

Here’s a picture of my original dress from the store:

Here’s a picture of mine from the store (and then here’s the dress again):

And this is the dress on me! So happy with it:

And here it is with a ribbon and ribbon accessories on it! It’s something that anyone can enjoy with their wedding! And if you’d like to take my dresses on for the first night of your wedding and be the first in line for bridesmaids dresses there is an amazing deal on some of my dresses! Here’s some dresses to get you started:

And here are some other dresses:

And even more dresses!

If you would like more of the latest dress trends, then here you go:

And here is the whole website:

And here is the most recent post:

I look forward to hearing YOUR wedding ideas!


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