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We decided that the term “flapper”, since it’s so common, was just right.

What is the history of the word flapper? Do you remember the first time you heard the word flapper?

Flambertte (pronounced FLB’-bed) was the word used for a dress of an Englishwoman. The word is a corruption of Fletchling or Flapper and means to wear. It is also a slang term for a “fancied” person.

The first reference I have to flapper comes from my father in law, who used to tell me about the ladies he went around with. Flapper was the slang term for an Englishwoman. He got so used to it that, as he tells me, “every week, at the end of May, he’d buy this dress and go round dressing ladies. Flapper was the name for it. So, to me, the word flapper was born.

Why did you pick the words for this dress?

In the time I chose, dress was very much associated with beauty. If you have to choose, I was a woman who wanted to be sexy and confident while dressing. Also, the phrase flapper was the same one I wanted. So I have picked four words, and we decided which one was flapper.

How did you decide to call this dress Flapper?

When I was young, I didn’t have any idea about fashion, what was going on, or my style. I did remember to wear the black dress, but it was a school uniform. When I was in university, my mum insisted that I wear the white dress. So I went to buy it and I wore it at night. I loved the way my hair matched; the way that I made my eyes sparkle. It felt so comfortable. I loved every inch of it.

When I wanted to make a fashion piece for my boyfriend, I bought black dresses. We bought two dresses, both beautiful, so he had two different styles. So, it was something to express my personality but also my look. You could dress up a lady in two things: she could wear a flapper dress and dress up a man. The dress was an expression of my personality, so it made a statement on my body. It was a statement on my body and a statement on the dresses I bought.

How do you feel having the opportunity to design a dress in the style you

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