Why did flappers Rouge their knees? – 1920’S Vintage Flapper Dresses Plus Size

I was in NYC with an amazing artist that was doing this for fun (because there is nothing like a good story about a flapper doing something fun for a living).

After the conversation ended, we discussed the various forms of flaps we were seeing with people. They said a couple of things that were incredibly helpful, and I think we will see something similar for our upcoming book.

File:Violet Romer in flapper dress, LC-DIG-ggbain-12393.jpg ...
1) We tend to use flaps to cover up a raised crotch, which may be the case with many flappers. But there are a few other things that can look a bit more open-backed with flaps.

2) On the female sides, we are seeing things like bell skirts and open back.

3) We are seeing a lot of people wearing pants that are tight/narrow. But the way pants are used in the flapper art world (I believe) can give it an illusion of something that is more open-backed.

4) We are also seeing a huge surge of “naked” flappers. One reason is I believe people like the idea of wearing something that you can get naked and play out in front of a camera.

If you have any more or different information – share in the comment section.

I was looking at a photo of flapping lady #1 from a flapper site. How do you think the Flappers’ Body Project was doing?

Thank you for the response.

I would say that by and large, the project has done just fine without our involvement. Since the project has always been something I’m actively involved in, the project has become more or less a hobby for me at this point. I do the images I shoot, mostly for personal projects. The work I do is mostly for my own personal enjoyment. If something gets popular or popular ideas come into my head, it probably ends up in here.

In the early days however, it was an intense focus on the work itself as I’d just become a mother and the project grew and grew. This was during a period at Disney specifically where I was working in production. Because the focus and the focus of the project grew to the point where someone, someone close to me at Disney started asking me “What are you doing?” And then I decided that it was worth keeping up on.

At this point the site began to go back to Disney-centric and some people began suggesting some “more mainstream” content. Things like clothing or

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